Teaming with Management

Dubin Clark strongly believes in the autonomy of the management team. We are not involved in the day-to-day operations of our companies; rather, management maintains operational control. We work closely with management to help achieve mutually-agreed-upon goals and objectives for the business. Equity participation for company senior management is offered in every transaction so that a strong partnership is developed and together, we can share in future gains. The team effort that exists within Dubin Clark itself extends to the way that the firm interacts with the management teams of its portfolio companies.

Adding Value

A key to the success of Dubin Clark’s investment strategy is its ability to recognize inherent value in a company and, in conjunction with management, create a plan to realize it. Dubin Clark has assembled a team of professionals with a track record of designing and implementing effective strategies and operating plans. Dubin Clark also offers its network of business executives as a resource to the management teams of its portfolio companies. These retired CEOs have proven to be a valuable asset for those running day-to-day operations.

Closing with Confidence

Dubin Clark respects the confidentiality of information provided to us. We have a long track record of successfully consummating acquisitions with minimum disruption to the business. We have worked hard for more than three decades to earn this reputation.

  • Invest for the long term; ours is a philosophy of growth rather than breakup or near-term sale.
  • Maintain each company’s values, independence and culture; our goal is to build on what has already been achieved.
  • Encourage continuity of management and leave day-to-day operational control with them. Provide management with a significant equity position; we work together as partners to create generous incentives and personal growth opportunities for all employees.
  • Ensure additional capital is made available to support future growth.
  • Complement a company’s internal growth, when appropriate, with targeted add-on acquisitions.