Investment Focus

frequently asked questions
  • Branded consumer and industrial niche manufacturers and specialty services with unique business models and a strong growth trajectory.
  • Platform company sales of $5-$100+ million and adjusted EBITDA of 10% or greater.
  • Minimal customer concentration.
  • Businesses in transition (major capex requirements, plant relocations, management changes, etc., excluding turnarounds).
  • Headquartered in North America.
  • Control positions desired.

How does Dubin Clark differ from other financial buyers?

Dubin Clark’s partners have operating experience to support management’s plans for growth. Instead of focusing solely on paying down debt following an acquisition, Dubin Clark invests additional capital to help build the business. Dubin Clark focuses on adding greater value in fewer situations, as opposed to taking a shotgun approach to acquisitions. Dubin Clark does not bury the company within a larger unit or division, seek to reduce management overhead, or dilute the culture or autonomy of the business. Dubin Clark provides management with significant equity and operating independence, not typically offered by corporations.

Does Dubin Clark get involved in the day-to-day operations of its portfolio companies?

No, they rely on the company’s management to run their business. However, Dubin Clark thoroughly understands its companies businesses and offers input as requested. Dubin Clark is active at the Board level and provides business expertise and capital when needed.

What is the typical investment time for holding on to acquisitions?

Dubin Clark’ focus is on long-term growth, both internally and through add-on acquisitions. Further, Dubin Clark’s practice is to look to management to guide the appropriate exit time-frame.