Dubin Clark offers more than financial capital when transforming companies into professionally managed market segment leaders. 

Our success speaks for itself and our formula is simple - it's about people.

•    Introduce professional processes and reporting
•    Pursue strategic and operational initiatives 
•    Leverage ecosystem of industry and functional experts
•    Identify and integrate add-on acquisitions
Long-term Partnership
Long-term Partnership

We approach every investment as a long-term partnership with the management team and structure our transactions accordingly.

Our Approach
Our Approach

The cornerstone of our investment philosophy is transforming healthy companies into niche market leaders.


Dubin Clark has assembled a team of professionals with experience in designing and implementing effective strategies and operating plans.


Our History

As we celebrate our accomplishments over the past 39+ years, we continue to appreciate the journey that has brought us here.

Led the Way Bringing Operational Expertise to the Investment Field


In the early ‘80s, the founders, Ron Dubin and Tom Clark, formed one of the premier lower middle market private equity firms in the country. Dubin Clark led the way in bringing general business and operating expertise to the investment field.


Operationally-Focused, Value-Added Investing Before Its Time




After years of successfully investing our own personal capital, the ’90s brought Dubin Clark into the realm of managing institutional capital. Dubin Clark built on its core strengths, maintained investment focus, and continued to provide operational input to help management teams grow their businesses.


Portfolio Company Scale Enhanced with Strategic Add-On Acquisitions


Despite different market conditions in the early ‘00s, Dubin Clark maintained strong performance. The Firm’s focus was to continue building on successful value-added investing, while coupling it with a more aggressive pursuit of strategic add-on acquisitions.


Growth Based on Building Value Through Strategic Investments


Investing heavily in research and development in the 2010s led to an increased focus in product expansion for the Firm’s portfolio. Just one example of how Dubin Clark works to add value to management teams seeking organic and acquisition growth initiatives.


Deploying Capital to Support Small Businesses

Looking to the future, Dubin Clark continues to build on a tested value-added investment strategy. Remaining focused on becoming industry leaders in the lower middle market, Dubin Clark aims to capitalize on our multifaceted approach and bring compelling value to shareholders and managers.