DPI Off-Road Brands acquires JT’s Parts and Accessories
18 April 2021

DPI Off-Road Brands sells automotive performance aftermarket parts, such as lift and leveling kits, body lift kits, suspension kits, boots and bumpers, for off- and on- road trucks, Jeeps, and utility task/terrain vehicles (UTVs). JT’s is the fifth acquisition by DPI Off-Road since it began its partnership with Dubin Clark in 2017.

JT’s Parts and Accessories, which has facilities in Cashmere, Wash. and Atlanta, Georgia, was launched in 2004 with the mission to provide enthusiasts with the best light truck and SUV differentials and axles. on the market. JT’s sells its own proprietary brand – Nitro Gear & Axle – and distributes a wide variety differentials, axles, gears and other parts from the industry’s best brands, including ARB Air Locker, Dana-Spicer, Detroit-Eaton, AAM, TJM, Richmond-Powertrax, OX Locker, Auburn Gear and more. JT’s has cultivated a significant social media presence and strong brand recognition.

DPI Off-Road’s CEO, Ray Fundora, commented, “JT’s is the perfect addition to the DPI Off-Road family of brands. JT’s products are complementary to our existing product portfolio and will allow us to provide customers with combined kit options for suspension, differential, and axle systems. We know our customers will be excited about this new combination.” Ray continued, “We look forward to partnering with JT’s exceptional team to drive further growth and expansion across both brands.”

JT’s co-founders, Carl Montoya and Jeremy Ayers added, “We’re proud of the continued growth and expansion that our company has enjoyed for several years. From day one, our mission has been to provide our customers with the best differentials, axles and gears on the market. This partnership with DPI Off-Road allows us to continue living this mission while driving forward into new markets and with additional product offerings for our customers.”

Thomas Cooperrider, Vice President at Dubin Clark, added, “Nitro Gear & Axle has strong brand recognition across the off-road industry and has established itself as a trusted source in the market. With the addition of JT’s, DPI Off-Road will be able to access adjacent markets and new products, providing even more for customers and allowing us to capture additional market share.”

About DPI Off-Road Brands

DPI Off-Road Brands (f/k/a Daystar Products International), founded in 1977 and headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, is an industry-leading automotive performance aftermarket parts manufacturer of lift and leveling kits and component parts for off- and on- road trucks, Jeeps, and utility task/terrain vehicles (UTVs). For additional information, visit

About JT’s Parts and Accessories

JT’s Parts and Accessories, founded in 2004 and headquartered in Cashmere, WA, is a market-leading company that offers performance gears through their own proprietary brand Nitro Gear & Axle, and distributes a wide variety of the industry’s best brands’ differentials, axles, gears and other parts to performance enthusiasts throughout the country.

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